The Process and the Costs

Our stories offer insights into who we are and remind us where we’ve been. Our stories are the history of
a community, a people, a world. The stories of your life need to be told. helps you—as an individual, family, community, organization, or business—
preserve your history through interviews, conversations, and research.

Most of us have lives that take many paths. Many times, we get stuck in a very busy path that is
overwhelming. You may want to finally take a moment and get your life story (or the story of someone
you love) written and recorded before it is too late.

                                       The Process

After our initial discussion on the phone or email, the process begins with our first meeting. During this
time, we discuss the specific dates, times, and places for our sessions. We would touch on the most
important elements of the proposed book as well as how the recording would work. You (with our help)
would begin to fill out a history form that will help with family names and dates. You will have plenty of
time to gather photographs and letters, but you can begin that process at this point. We would end this
first meeting by signing an agreement to help you and the personal historian to better understand how to
make this book a proud memory for generations to cherish.

After our first session we would have enough information to begin interviewing. Though questions will be
made ahead of time and relevant to the teller's life, most of the time an answer branches into a whole
new story. That, right there, is the fun part.

These sessions can vary because of the stories that can work their way into the interview as they are
remembered. That is okay and encouraged. In our initial agreement we agree upon an overall number of
hours of service. This can be changed up or down as we go along with the process.  

Transcribing the information into a first-person narrative would be next in the process. The idea is to use
the teller's words so that we stay true to his or her style of speaking and then shape the story into a nice
flow and enjoyable read.

We have dedicated local people to do the editing and proofreading. This also helps greatly with the
accuracy and flow of the story. As you are presented with the manuscript you will be asked to make any
changes needed until you are comfortable with it.

The final step is layout, printing and binding. This is where we gather the photographs, letters, and other
documents. We will put together a design to make up the cover, back, spine, and manuscript. Upon your
approval a book is born. You will also receive a recording of the sessions, typically on flash drive.

                                  What does this cost?

There are many variables that will be discussed and agreed upon at the first session. Based on the
information above, however, it might be best to show the cost as an example. If total hours for interviews,
story writing, editing, proofreading, and a seventy-page book design comes to fifteen hours, then the
total cost would be $750. This would include one book and the voice recording. Some clients may need
more interviewing time. This can all be adjusted. Stories concerning businesses or municipalities typically
take more time, more folks to interview, and more editing. Extra copies of the book and/or recording
would be extra. Currently, we can deliver an extra 8.25 X 10.75in full-color hardcover book for $35 to $45
per book plus delivery. Prices for books can sometimes be adjusted with higher quantities.

We've researched many Personal Historian companies and have found most to be well over $2000 to
offer you this type of personal service. We will earn your approval with the final product you receive. It is
truly your-story-as-told that we value. It is meeting you that keeps us excited every time we listen to the
stories of your life.  

We are currently scheduling appointments for the 2018-2019 calendar. Your initial meeting is at no cost
and is conducted to discuss the project and to agree on the best path to a successful final product, the
story of your life.