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4.0 out of 5 stars

By Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on March 31, 2016

"Today is May 14 and there is only one spot left opening on the magic square, the
number nine."

Wisconsin author Vic LeClair III has published three previous novels covering a wide variety of
settings and now he brings us his fifth book – THE FIVE – and in addition to being a thriller,
this book takes a leap into the realm of psychological drama.

One of the aspects of Vic’s writing that makes it captivating is his uncanny sense of creating
an apparent safe atmosphere and then plunges the reader into terrifying incidents, each of
which introduces significant, important characters whose role in his unfolding story is not fully
appreciated until the later chapters of his book. His writing is clear, focused, and tests the
waters of credibility because his strange story saddles up so closely to possible reality. This
story, scary as it is, could happen in your town - with and to people you feel you know. That is
when a thriller earns its designation.

On the back cover of his book Vic provides a terse synopsis, one that doesn’t begin to breed
spoilers but instead seduces the reader into his very strange plot: ‘When five employers from
a small Midwest county are assaulted, each losing one of their physical senses, a police
detective learns that life is not as it seems. Lt. Jay Barthus uncovers a secret society of
community leaders called The Five. Can he restore the lost serenity of Green County and
unearth the cause of the methodical attacks?’

Cult mysteries continue to fascinate us – the very presence of their strange ways of viewing
the world and assembling it to fit their needs provides a conundrum that is irresistible for
reading in a novel.
5.0 out of 5 stars
This book was a great read. All the twists in the plot kept ... By  First review   on March 17,
Format: Paperback

This book was a great read. All the twists in the plot kept me interested. Every time I thought I
had the story figured out, another event would occur to keep me guessing its outcome. I
enjoyed this to the very end.